Create Painted Party Animals

For Q’s animal themed birthday party I decided I wanted to try out this trend of painted plastic animals. I’ve seen them used in various applications such as here and here and was inspired.


I wanted to create a series of larger animals to use as decorative pieces on the table, so I raided the toy bin to find just what I needed.

We have collected quite a surplus over the years between three kids and I knew some of the ones we had were of lesser quality than others so I chose these for a little makeover.



You can readily find these at your local dollar store, which is exactly where many of these came from and where I also found the small ones I used for dessert toppers.

Of course my little birthday girl was happy to be involved in any party planning I was undertaking so she volunteered to help paint the animals.

We used a washable latex paint in a colour we had lying around the house. This is actually leftover from the kids playroom. It’s a soft robin’s egg blue and one of Q’s favourite colours.


We laid out some newspaper and got busy painting over these animals. Coating one side first and then once dry to the touch flipping them over to finish the other side. The animals got two to three coats in total.

For the animal adorned containers and decorative dessert toppers I used the small assorted bag of plastic animals you can find at the dollar store.


We gave them the same paint treatment and once dry they were either glued onto a candy stick (like those used for making cake pops) or right onto the top of these small glass containers I picked up at the dollar store as well. These would become the party favours for our guests to take home after our wild celebration.


I just placed a bead of glue on each foot using my hot glue gun and stuck them on top of the container lid. So easy!

To make the paper hats and boxes that adorn the animals on parade, I followed the tutorial found on This Heart of Mine using an assortment of decorative papers I had on hand.

I also took apart a favour-sized box of Smarties and used that as a pattern for making my own boxes. I used my paper trimmer to cut and score the paper and then folded and taped it into place to make the box shape.

I’m not sure if this was the most logical solution for creating these but it made sense to me at the time.

I tried different combinations and placements of hats and boxes on my animals to see what worked best. No logic, just trial and error and a lot of fun.

They turned out so sweet and were such a fun little addition to our animal themed party.

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