Contemplating: Taking the Leap

To blog or not blog? That has been the question on my mind for the better part of well… almost two years. I am a big fan of blogs and have been enjoying my role as reader probably a bit too much. The sidelines are safe, unassuming and a quiet place to admire from afar. There is no judgement here. No fear of being accepted or liked. So why the sudden change of heart?

In my professional life I write for other people, lending my words to their cause and beyond. In my personal life I am a mother to two little girls who eat up my words and often return them to me with their own twist. I am a wife who at the end of a long day wants to spill every last detail to her husband whether he’s listening or not. I am a girly girl who wants to gush about DIY, all things pretty and her latest pins with reckless abandon. And so in light of all of this, I feel like my voice needs a place of its own.

My goal with this little blog is to create a space of respite just for me. To play out the challenges and victories of motherhood, to explore the balance between being a mom, a wife and as hard as it is to believe at times, an individual. A place to share my ideas, thoughts and inspirations with anyone willing to listen. And if in the process of all of this, I am blessed with a supportive and inspiring community of fellow bloggers and readers that care to join me on this journey, then I couldn’t be more delighted.