Elevate Your Storage: Bins + Baskets

As the temperature outdoors begins to rise I get very excited about the prospect of throwing open all the windows in the house and giving the whole place a good thorough post-winter cleanse.

But if you’re cleaning routine goes anything like mine, getting to the actual act of dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and the like, is at a complete standstill until you tidy up. With three littles on the loose, there is never a shortage of scattered toys, abandoned pieces of clothing, and random snack cups and containers under foot.

So before I can get to the actual clean, I have to clear the clutter. This is a job that can often take twice as long. So over the course of the next couple weeks I’m going to share some of my favourite organizing and clutter-clearing tips that help make the everyday a little easier to stay on top of.

First up – bins and baskets. Great for corralling everything from books and toys, to shoes and socks, and so much more, these picks are just as practical as they are pretty. Here are a few of my favourites.


1. These gorgeous Quartz Cube Bins from Land of Nod comes in two beautiful geometric colour combinations. The cube bin retails for $16.95 and also comes in a floor bin for $24.95.

2. Soft-sided Once More with Felting cube bins from Land of Nod come in a variety of pretty colours for $19.95 and the cut-in handles make them easy to carry, even for little hands.

3. I love these Stripes Around The Cube bins from Land of Nod. They’re made from paper fiber and have a natural rope handle. Choose from fabulous stripes or pretty polka dots for $12.95. Also available in floor bins.

4. How fabulous are these colourful Milk Crates? So sturdy and great for all matters of mess. Kids can easily see what’s inside when stacked on top of one another or sitting on a shelf. Only $9.95 at Land of Nod.

5. These woven herringbone pattern Charming Baskets from Land of Nod are a bit of a splurge, but they should be. They’re handmade in West Africa by local artisans and are simply stunning. $49 for the smaller size and $89 for the floor bin with lid.

6. Canadian designers Petit Pehr have an adorable collection of storage solutions like the Painted Dots bin for $40. Find matching pints, minis and hampers in a wide range of complimentary colours and patterns.

7. Another Canadian gem, 3 Sprouts Storage Boxes are so fun for kids spaces. With a collection of cute critters to choose from, these sturdy storage cubes are only $16.95 and come in matching hampers, bins and more.

8. The IKEA GLIS Storage Box with Lid comes in a handy 3-pack for only $4.99 and is available in two different colour combinations. These small containers are perfect for keeping little pieces in one place. Think Barbie accessories, card games, Lego bits, you name it.

9. The IKEA DRONA Storage Box is a steal at $6.99 and fits perfectly into their storage cube systems. Lightweight with a hidden pull handle and available in a wide range of cute colours to match any space.

All of the storage options shown fit perfectly into most cube storage systems, so you can mix and match to create a look all your own. Great for playrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, front halls, and anywhere else in your home you need to contain your clutter.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of open storage seemed like a great idea pre-kids but having bins and baskets to hide the chaos is some kind of wonderful these days.

Have any tips for controlling the clutter you want to share?