Elevate Your Gifts: Girls Getaway Kit

This weekend I’m embarking on a girls getaway with a few of my friends. We’re headed to a quaint little boutique village just a few hours north of our hometown for a couple of days of downtime. That adds up to two whole nights away from my hubby and kids to sleep in, visit the spa, eat hot meals, drink wine, talk about grown up stuff, and indulge in some serious me time. To say I’m really looking forward to this trip would be an understatement, I an downright giddy!

To help me pass the time as I countdown to departure, I thought it would be fun to put together a little “girls getaway survival kit” as a sweet little surprise for my friends and a great kick off for our trip. I’ve packed it with a few essentials and wee bit of humour to get the laughs rolling right away.

I’ve seen the mason jar survival kit idea on Pinterest (of course) and thought it would be fun to create one of my own. So here’s a little roundup of what I included.


1. Mason Jar: These colourful mason jar “mugs” with lids are perfect to pack with all our goodies, but they also double as our drinking vessels for anything from water to wine (and more wine). I grabbed four different colours so we can easily identify who’s is whose over the course of the weekend.

2. Shopping Bag: With plenty of trendy boutiques and stores to choose from, these compact carry-all mesh bags will come in handy for toting around our plentiful purchases.

3. Kleenex: Runny nose, runaway mascara or a place to discard gum pre-lunch, a well-prepared gal always needs a tiny pack of tissue in her bag.

4. Lip Balm: For a pretty pucker around the clock, it’s essential to keep lip moisturizer on hand. I love these EOS lip balms for their great flavours and pretty packaging.

5. Chocolate: For that all to familiar 3 o’clock crash, chocolate is a must. We are after all on a weekend of indulgence and that means no diet restrictions allowed.

6. Face Mask: At some point we’ll just want to cozy in for the night with our pjs on and a big mug o’wine. A picture that wouldn’t be complete without four gals sitting around wearing anti-aging face masks.

7. Sleep Mask: All that wine will eventually make us sleepy, so an eye mask to keep the sun out with a cheeky message (just for fun), will ensure we get all the zzz’s we need.

8. Pain Reliever: Since we are no longer twenty-somethings, all this responsible alcohol consumption and junk food binging might leave us a little achey in the a.m. – enter the Advil.

9. Breath Freshener: Once were fresh faced and ready to take on another day, we’ll want to have some gum on hand after we consume our morning lattes and oversized baked goods.

10. Soap: When all is said and done and the weekend comes to a close, we’ll have these all-natural soaps from Soap Works to help us wash away all of our sins!


You really could let your imagination run wild and fill these jars with just about anything. I wanted to keep the cost low, so I hit up the local dollar store and pharmacy for all of our goodies and came in under $10 per kit. Woohoo!


I have to admit I was pretty ambitious thinking I could pack all of these goodies into this one little mason jar. I came pretty darn close though. Everything but the mesh bag made the cut. Seriously.


In the end, I decided to wrap it around the outside of the jar and tie it with twine. I finished each jar off with a pretty tag labelled with our names. Yes I made one for myself too, why not?


I can’t wait to share these sweet little surprises with my gal pals. I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Now bring on the weekend!