Contemplating: Cutting Myself Some Slack

It’s been 10 weeks of staying home and staying safe. Sigh. 10 weeks. And while I’ve been really trying hard to stay in a positive headspace through all of this, some days (or weeks) are just harder than others. 

It seems that suddenly being surrounded by everyone, everyday and being called into action in ways I never could have imagined, is seriously shining a spotlight on some of my insecurities as a parent and partner, and all-around good person.

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Celebrate At Home

I had almost talked myself out of writing a post about parties. While it hardly feels like a time to focus on feeling festive, there is so much to be said about reaching for joy in times of unrest. 

While postponing your kiddos party to host it at a later date is an option, it just doesn’t pack the same punch as celebrating them on their special day. And since I’m a big fan of the stay at home birthday concept anyways, this seems like an area I can lend a bit of insight on.

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Motivated To Make Memories

If you’ve ventured outside in the past few weeks and have taken in the reality of our altered world, it can be a bit overwhelming. Plexiglas dividers between merchants and customers, masks and gloves hiding once smiling faces, conversations with neighbours from an awkward distance, blocked off playgrounds and quarantined kids.  

The world outside our door is a bit unsettling. So I’ve found myself pulling inwards. Choosing to focus on what’s right in front of me – family. There’s comfort inside my little bubble and our world within these walls is much easier to digest.  

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Create A Connection

As the weeks continue to pile up and we all do our part to stay home and stay safe, one can’t help but feel the pull towards connection and community. Luckily, you don’t have to venture too far to find it. Just steps outside your door members of your community are looking for ways to come together while safely staying apart.

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Contemplating: Perspective

I spent a few days (or was it weeks) flopping around like a fish out of water trying to find my footing in this new normal we’ve found ourselves in. Everywhere we turn, we are being bombarded with information bringing us the latest frightening facts and news flashes from around the globe as we all try to navigate the landmine that is this crisis. 

It is not a topic any of us is an expert on or any of us know how to wade through. So we do our best. We take it day by day and minute by minute and try to keep our heads above water. 

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Celebrate Island Style

It was this time last year that Moana was released on home video, so my oldest decided she wanted to feature the flick during her squad sleepover to celebrate her 9th birthday. The movie’s Polynesian influence was the perfect inspiration for an island inspired fete so I used this as my jumping off point for our party theme. Continue reading