Motivated By Flamingo Fever

You know those trends that keep popping up year after year. The ones you’re not quite sure about at first, but then they sort of start to grow on you. Sure others might think they’re kind of kitsch or even downright tacky, but there’s just something about them that makes you smile.

Well I fall into this latter category and it seems that every time these trends circle back around I get more and more excited about them. So I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favourite finds inspired by these icons of summer.

First up – Flamingos.


Pretty in pink. Perfectly poised. Naturally elegant and refined. They are in a word… awesome. This striking bird is making its way into fashion and decor in a big way. Here are a few of my favs.


  1. I love, love, love this Flamingo sweater from Urban Outfitters. I just wish I could find it in stock!
  2. Flamingoes are popping up in jewellery of all sorts – bangles, necklaces and rings like this beauty here. I mean… come… on!
  3. Why I do not own this stunning Mod Cloth swimsuit yet is beyond me. The cut is classic and screams 50’s pinup, a look any modern day gal would love to pull off.
  4. How adorable is this Vans Trucker Hat. Sign me up please.
  5. Even Kate has a touch of Flamingo Fever, find this pretty Kate Spade wallet and others on her site.
  6. Comfy kicks get a pretty punch with this playful flamingo print on these One Fine Vacay Flamingo Flats found at Mod Cloth.

Now how about a little Flamingo Love around the house?


  1. It is no secret that Sharon Montrose’s photography is a favourite in this family. I’m thinking this beauty might just be the newest addition to our Animal Print Shop family.
  2. Martha Stewart loves Flamingos too! Or at least her people do. Check out these adorable sheets she did for Macy’s.
  3. I just love this Croquet Set hack inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I’ll have to keep this one bookmarked for that fabulously mad garden party I’ve been planning in my head for years.
  4. There is absolutely no shortage of flamingo wallpapers out there to discover and I have not met one that I did not like, but this Flamingo Wallpaper by Domino is simply stunning.
  5. Although there are no more nurseries in my future, this incredibly sweet mobile would totally make it into the space if there was. I might just have to gift it to someone instead.
  6. If these pretty birds aren’t quite your thing, at least not in the literal sense, you can’t deny the absolute deliciousness of their striking colours. Just check out this front entry in the prettiest of pinks. Photo courtesy.

So there you have it. A few of my favourite flamingo picks from around the web. The love is deep and just keeps on growing so feel free to follow my Pinterest Board to see what new and exciting finds make the cut.

Come back soon to see what summer trends I’m crushing on next. 

Top photo credit. Colour scheme by Design Seeds.

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