Contemplating: How Time Flies

One year, two months and six days. That’s how much time has passed between my first and last post on this blog. My only post. Until now that is. I knew when I started out on this journey it was going to be a challenge. Amidst the chaos that is my day-to-day life – chasing after little ones, preparing family meals, keeping a household on schedule, meeting the demands and deadlines of clients, etc. – I thought keeping at minimum a weekly blog post would be totally doable. Clearly, I was wrong.

It happens right. Days run into weeks and weeks into months and apparently months into a year and then some. So there were a few distractions this past year that took me off course. A new house, a new baby, a short stint in the hospital after an unexpected illness, a home renovation project. But that’s life and now I’m back, ready to embrace this adventure wholeheartedly, well sort of.

Truth be told, this blogging thing terrifies me… a lot. Aside from the fear of being judged or ridiculed for sharing my life with an online community, is the equal fear that no one will care or want to come along for the ride. Talk about your internal struggles. And that’s just the writing part of it. There is also the hesitation that comes with feeling far inferior in the areas of photography and graphic design, not to mention the complete foreign obscurity that is web publishing.

Why do it then you ask? Well, the funny thing is that this blog is happening whether I put it out there for others to read or not. You see it has been playing itself out in my head for some time now and there’s very little I can do to stop it. In the midst of my daily life my internal voice whispers, “hey this would make a great post” or “you should really write this down.”

Things are happening in our everyday life that I want to freeze and remember forever. This blog is my “pause” button for life. An opportunity to capture a snapshot of our amazing and crazy little world as it unfolds and to hopefully have this perfectly imperfect time capsule to reflect back on over the years.

So I ask that you bear with me while I take my sweet time getting comfortable out here in the land o’ bloggers. I’m happy to be here. Even if it is only post two.

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