Celebrate At Home

I had almost talked myself out of writing a post about parties. While it hardly feels like a time to focus on feeling festive, there is so much to be said about reaching for joy in times of unrest. 

While postponing your kiddos party to host it at a later date is an option, it just doesn’t pack the same punch as celebrating them on their special day. And since I’m a big fan of the stay at home birthday concept anyways, this seems like an area I can lend a bit of insight on.

So here are few of my ideas for creating some memorable moments for your wee ones while safe at home on their birthday.

Yummy eats and favourite treats are what birthdays are all about.

Bake a Batch of Birthday Pancakes 
Start the day with a towering stack of pancakes to match their birthday age. Infuse them with sprinkles for an added ounce of fun and insert a sparkler for the full effect. We started this tradition when our kiddos were small and still do it every year.

Serve a Feast of Favourite Foods
Have your little weigh in on the yummy eats and scrumptious snacks they love most and serve for them for lunch, dinner, or both. Make it yourself or order in from their favourite restaurant. Use delivery or a door drop service for added convenience.

Make Dessert the Main Attraction 
Whether it’s a traditional birthday cake or your guest of honour prefers cupcakes, cookies, ice cream or donuts, you can dream up a dessert that’s sure to put on smile on everyone’s face. Add favourite toys, paper cuts outs, candles, sparklers, banners and more.

Create an Inspired Tablescape
My littles love waking on their birthdays to discover whatever tablescape I’ve dreamed up overnight. Choose your theme and then gather goods from around the house to help you bring your vision to life. Favourite toys, found objects, layers of fabric and dishes, branches, flowers, any and everything goes. 

Shine the spotlight on your little and let them know this day is all about them.

Highlight Their Greatest Hits
Have a photo slideshow and feature your wee one on the big screen. Curate a collection of your favourites from their early days or showcase memorable moments from over the years. Play them slideshow style on your computer or TV for the whole family to enjoy.

Give Them a Starring Role
Retell the story of their amazing arrival in this world. Kids love hearing all about their origin story. Share with them any funny antics, recount family member’s reactions, and divulge all the details about their awesome addition to your family.

Fill Up Their Bucket 
Cover their bedroom door with love notes from the family, randomly tell them throughout the day what you love about them, or have everyone share a favourite memory about them around the dinner table. Be sincere and say it with a smile.

Gather Greetings From Afar 
Have family and friends record birthday messages and send them to you in advance. You can then string them together with a video-editing app or play them back-to-back for a marathon of virtual birthdays well wishes.

Pack the day with activities they love, plus loads of laughter and fun.

Watch a Favourite Film
Naturally the birthday babe gets to pick the flick. Be sure to stock up on their favourite movie snacks, then dim the lights to set the scene, cozy up on the couch and enjoy the show. If you’re feeling extra generous make it a double header.

Get Your Game On 
Whether you bust out the board games, power up the game console, or set up an obstacle course or scavenger hunt in the backyard, games are a party staple that deliver hours of family fun. Go head to head or team up tournament style. The options are endless. 

Shop ‘Til You Drop
Not really, but letting your little pick their own present online is a fun idea. Give them a budget, cue up your preferred web retailer, and let them add their item of choice to the online shopping cart. The added anticipation and thrill of receiving mail just for them will elevate the experience even more. 

Go Over The Top
Pull out all the stops and create an experience they’ll never forget. Host a fancy tea party, camp out in the living room, dream up an island inspired rec room retreat, or take a cue from my friend who recently recreated Christmas for her kids. Complete with stockings, string lights, a mini tree and rewrapped gifts. Awesome!