Contemplating: Perspective

I spent a few days (or was it weeks) flopping around like a fish out of water trying to find my footing in this new normal we’ve found ourselves in. Everywhere we turn, we are being bombarded with information bringing us the latest frightening facts and news flashes from around the globe as we all try to navigate the landmine that is this crisis. 

It is not a topic any of us is an expert on or any of us know how to wade through. So we do our best. We take it day by day and minute by minute and try to keep our heads above water. 

While we are wrapped up in the uncertainly of the days ahead and what the future holds, I’m reminded that searching for explanation and contemplating the what if’s and what next are overwhelming questions and ones we don’t have the answers to. 

Before all of this started to unfold I had returned from a retreat in January full of ideas, ambition and a renewed desire to start creating again. 

I had lost my voice and stepped away from this platform to go in search of something more. In the process I found community and connection. I found a bit more clarity. I found something else to focus on. 

I also found myself armed with some incredible resources and tools that are going to serve me in the days and months ahead, (as long as I remember to use them). 

So I am heeding the advice of some pretty incredible women who are reminding me to focus on the things I can control to help keep me grounded.

One of those things is sticking to a morning routine. For me that means waking up an hour earlier than the kids to have some quiet time all to myself. During this time I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, write in my journal, read a chapter or two, and maybe even do a little yoga or meditation. 

This isn’t when I prep meals, dive into a workout, or tidy up around the house. It’s just time to myself to focus on things that make me feel good. My incredible friend who lead that retreat earlier this year teaches a free online course for creating your own daily centering practice.  

I’ve also been moving my body everyday. Going on runs and listening to podcasts. It’s part of Five to Thrive and the Next 90 Days Challenge, which is a free online course offered by The Hollis Co., about how we can all live with intention and choose joy even in hard seasons.

Amidst the uncertainty that is circling around all of us, this much I know is true…

  • I can’t predict the future
  • I can’t control what is happening in the world
  • I can’t provide my kids a timeline for when this will all be over

But there are some things I can do…

  • I can stay home and stay safe
  • I can control my perspective 
  • I can focus on what is right in front of me

So my action plan today and in the days to come is to reach for routine, strive for simplicity and focus on familiarity. 

These are things that will help me stay grounded, that will help me find joy, that will help me ride this wave and hopefully come out of this even stronger. 

I’ve created these desktop backgrounds as a daily reminder. You can use them for yourself if these messages strike a chord for you too. Just click on the image to download and save the full resolution file.

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P. S. Check out a few of my favourite podcasts that help put me in a good headspace –  60 Mindful Minutes with Kristen Manieri, Super Soul Conversations with Oprah, Rise with Rachel Hollis, Rise Together with Rachel + Dave Hollis