Create An Easy Flip Book

While trolling the local dollar store for goodies to keep the kids entertained on our upcoming road trip I came across these animal flash cards. One is all about Animal Sounds and the other Animal Actions.


They’re printed on sturdy cardstock which makes them nice and durable for little hands and with an animals featured on both sides of the card, that adds up to 40 animal facts per pack.

What particularly caught my eye about these cards is their clean design featuring pretty animal photography on a crisp white background with a simple border and fun font.

Since I was going to be using the cards to help keep our little guy entertained in the car, I wanted a way to keep the cards all together so we didn’t have loose cards everywhere.

I considered just slipping the cards into a 4 x 6 photo album that he could easily flip through, but the cards are actually 4 x 6 1/2, so they stuck out too far.

Onto the Plan B…


Knowing the thick cardboard should hold up pretty well, I decided to punch a single hole into the top corner of each card. I used the inside border to estimate the same spot on each card.

Once the cards were all punched I slid them onto a shower curtain ring and voila!

So easy right! The whole project took me under 5 minutes from start to finish. Awesome.

Since I had the two categories, Sounds and Actions, I decided to bundle them separately. You could even print a little cover page on a thick card stock if you wanted to.


I’m thinking I just might have to go back and grab a few more sets. These would make a really cute gift for some other littles in my life.

Do you have any quick and easy DIYs to keep tiny hands busy?