Elevate The Egg Hunt

Easter is a close second in our house right behind Christmas. For our littles something about the anticipation of an Easter egg hunt and a basket of goodies assembled by some mysterious long-eared furry friend gets them all giddy.

I can’t help but join them in their excitement. Any excuse for me to get caught up in the preparation of sweet little surprises for them, thrills me to no end. So I thought I would share a few egg-cellent ideas (yes I did) for the coming Easter weekend that will hopefully inspire you to celebrate in fun and creative ways.

First up, plastic eggs… I mix a few sugary sweets in with some “better-for-you” options. Graham cookie teddies, goldfish crackers (or Annie’s bunnies), dried fruit or raisins, fruit based gummy candies and of course chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Easter Egg Goodies

I like to think outside the box and offer some fun treats that aren’t edible as well. Handmade finger puppets, small toys like weebles or wind-up cars, also little people animals and friends fit nicely. These are great options for our little guy who is only eighteen months.


For our girls who are currently four and seven, their surprises might include costume jewellery, a Barbie outfit (yes the whole thing fits), EOS lip balm, and these adorable finger puppets by Christine Elliott Designs.

Easter Egg Girl Toys

For most of the toy surprises I use the larger plastic eggs and for the treats I use the smaller eggs. Both are available at your local dollar store or grocery store. Use your imagination, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Easter Egg Sizes

For Easter baskets I like to include just a few small items usually inspired by the season. A book and/or movie, a furry little friend like these beanie boos (only $5) and a few chocolates.

Easter Basket Kids

This year Baby B gets a few plastic animal friends too. In past years I’ve also added bubbles, chalk, kites, skipping ropes, card games, a barrel of monkeys. Just fun, inexpensive items that are sure to please.

Easter Basket Baby
One of our all time favourite new traditions at Easter is these delicious Rice Krispies Treat Eggs. They are so simple to make and even more fun to eat.

Take your standard off-the-box Rice Krispies recipe and instead of pressing it into a pan, use a large sealable plastic egg. You don’t even have to get your hands messy! Scoop up the gooey goodness using the two sides of the egg itself and seal together.


When you open it up again it has a perfect egg shape and it helps keep them fresh longer too. It’s simply brilliant and so darn tasty!


I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones! Before I go I couldn’t help but share this good-enough-to-eat picture of Baby B last Easter in all his scrumptous seasonal glory!