Create A Connection

As the weeks continue to pile up and we all do our part to stay home and stay safe, one can’t help but feel the pull towards connection and community. Luckily, you don’t have to venture too far to find it. Just steps outside your door members of your community are looking for ways to come together while safely staying apart.

I’ve seen the evidence while on a run or walk with my family. Scattered across lawns, tucked into trees, decorating door fronts, and right under our feet, we’re finding little glimpses of gratitude and goodwill everywhere we look. 

It doesn’t take much to sprinkle a little sunshine around for others to share. Here are just a few of the inspiring ideas we’ve seen and are taking part in ourselves.

Spread Some Cheer With Chalk 
Decorate your driveway, spruce up sidewalks and pretty park paths with inspirational messages and colourful creations. We’ve decorated outside our own doorstep and even along park paths in our neighbourhood. We love reading what others have written along our route and hope our own messages inspire a smile from anyone passing by. 

Create A Window Art Wonderland
From radiant rainbows to smiling suns, hand-cut hearts to entertaining emojis, whether you pin up pencil crayon posters, fill the panes with colourful paper, or draw directly on the glass with dry erase markers, creating whimsical window art is only limited by your imagination.

Add Some Pizzazz To Your Porch 
I’m a sucker for a visually pleasing vignette and I always enjoy when neighbors take the time to pretty up their porches. Think banners or bunting, decorative signs, delightful door wreaths, garden gear and lawn ornaments, potted plants and fresh flowers, baskets and baubles, any and all signs of spring. 

Place Painted Rocks On Parade
Whether they’re balancing on branches, perched on fence posts, or nestled into the grass along park paths, we’ve been spotting painted rocks adorned with vibrant colours, bold patterns, motivational messages and more, around every corner. My little’s love playing “I Spy” on our walks to see who can spot them first and we’ve even dropped a few of our own along the way.

Say It With A Sign
Show your gratitude on a grand scale or simply share some words of wisdom by creating a sign you can place in your garden or on your lawn. On our walks we’ve spotted thoughtful thank yous for front line workers, cheerful cautions to wash your hands or stay safely separated, and uplifting messages to simply inspire a smile. 

These are just a few of the ways we’re taking part in sharing in and spreading a little more joy in our neighbourhood. These small acts of creativity thoughtfully placed for others to see could be just the lift you or someone nearby needs right now. Who knows maybe some of your own creations might cause a chain reaction in your community. 

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