Motivated To Make Memories

If you’ve ventured outside in the past few weeks and have taken in the reality of our altered world, it can be a bit overwhelming. Plexiglas dividers between merchants and customers, masks and gloves hiding once smiling faces, conversations with neighbours from an awkward distance, blocked off playgrounds and quarantined kids.   The world outside our door […]

Motivated By Wonderful Watermelons

On a hot summer day there is little more refreshing than a juicy slice of watermelon. This sweet and slurp-a-licious fruit with its pretty contrast of pinks and greens has inspired all sorts of decor and fashion finds. Check out this roundup dedicated to the wonderful watermelon. Then hop on over to my Pinterest page to see more […]

Motivated By Pineapple Passion

Next up on the boomerang trend roundup is the positively perky… pineapple. This widely recognized symbol of hospitality and warmth continues to make its way into design and decor and for good reason. They are just so darn fun! Here are a few of my favourite finds…

Motivated To Colour Change

I can’t believe eight weeks have just flown by. I had the hopes of getting a post out once a week and sometimes that would fall to two, but eight weeks people… come on. I won’t make any excuses, but I will tell you what’s been eating up some of my time. As the end […]