Elevate Halloween at Home

Halloween is one week away and for many it will look a little different in 2020. While there is no confident consensus about the right way to celebrate, we have decided that the best choice for our family is to spend Halloween at home. 

Elevate Your Gifts: Girls Getaway Kit

This weekend I’m embarking on a girls getaway with a few of my friends. We’re headed to a quaint little boutique village just a few hours north of our hometown for a couple of days of downtime. That adds up to two whole nights away from my hubby and kids to sleep in, visit the spa, eat hot meals, […]

Elevate The Egg Hunt

Easter is a close second in our house right behind Christmas. For our littles something about the anticipation of an Easter egg hunt and a basket of goodies assembled by some mysterious long-eared furry friend gets them all giddy.

Elevate Your Gifts: Baby On Board

With a new nephew due to arrive in mere moments it’s got me thinking about my favourite go-to-gifts for new parents and their babes. So I thought I would share a few of my choice picks, tried and tested by yours truly, that are sure to please any proud parent to be.