Celebrate The Spa… aahhh

If you’re ever stuck for a party idea for girls of any age, might I suggest a spa party. This past weekend I hosted Q’s seventh birthday party with her friends and the theme was a total hit. From foot soaks, to manicures and pedicures, to the perfect finishing touches, the girls ate up every little detail and totally delighted in playing the part of pampered princesses.


This being Q’s champagne birthday (she turned 7 on the 7th) we greeted guests with a (plastic) champagne flute filled with pink lemonade. It set the tone for an afternoon of indulgence and the girls even made an impromptu little toast to our birthday girl, which was so sweet to capture.


I set up three different stations for the girls to take turns visiting throughout the afternoon as the main attraction for the party. Pretty pink buckets prepared with peppermint bubbles and warm water were a total treat for their tiny tootsies.


Cucumber slices were on hand for those who wanted to soothe their eyes while soaking their feet. They totally loved this. It was pretty cute to see.


Pedicures followed the foot soak. The girls selected their own polish colours and enjoyed having their pinkies painted in fun combinations. We even added little embellishments with jewel stickers on their big toe.


Manicure stations allowed the girls to soak their hands in warm water and peppermint bubbles. They were then treated to some polish on their hands.

The final station was a beauty bar where each girl could pick out a cute little crown hairband (found in the party section at Target), lip smacker lip gloss and take a little time to make their own beaded necklace. I found these colourful wooden beads at the local dollar store.


The food was a really fun element to put together and so simple. I found the idea for these deconstructed sandwich skewers on Pinterest along with the little cones filled with veggie straws inspired by this fabulous party.


For dessert I made these adorable cucumber slice cookies inspired by these.


I took a short cut and used store-bought short bread cookies and iced them myself. They turned out so cute and I wrapped them up and sent one home with each girl in their favour bag.


We also served chocolate dipped strawberries and pink-tinted marshmallows inspired by these. Plus set up an ice cream bar with waffle bowls, sprinkles and toppings.


Our birthday girl decorated her own cake with a little help from her auntie. The fruit loop vase was a super fun touch inspired by yet another Pinterest find.


I always enjoy putting together the little favours for friends to take home. These adorable favour boxes and the sticker sheets from Open A Party were the inspiration for this party.


I filled each one with sparkly notepad, lipstick pen, and glittered nail file (all found in the party section at Target), a swirly lollipop (Party City), sticker sheets and a pair of toe separators (Open A Party) and a nail polish (Claire’s).


This party was a real treat to put on for my sweet seven-year old and her friends. With the help of my sister, sister-in-law and friend we spent a wonderful afternoon pampering nine darling little divas in the making. So fun!